Manager, Document Solutions

London, ON

This Opportunity:

This is a full-time, permanent opportunity to take over the day-to-day management of Cleanlist’s document production operations.

Cleanlist is beginning a scale-up journey with the objective of doubling in size (from a dozen people) over the next 18 months. As a company, we need to move fast and be willing to adapt when needed.   As our manager of document solutions you’ll be using modern technology and proprietary processes to provide clean and organized solutions to our clients and to ensure on-time, accurate delivery.

You’ll be working independently but also in a team with other departments, and exposed to lots of variety, challenges, and learning experiences. 


A Day in the Life of managing Document Solutions:

Cleanlist produces millions (yes, millions!) of data driven documents for our clients every year. We receive thousands of document requests every day. You’ll be in charge of everything required to operate this business from setting up new clients to delivering on our daily promise of fast turnaround and 100% error free quality.

You’ll work directly with our clients to help them create and maintain their document template libraries and data feeds, and with our data and mail production teams to ensure that daily requests are received and produced quickly and without errors. Your ability to be organized and with an eye for detail will serve you well in this role. 

Although this is a manager role, since our team is small and lean this is a very hands-on position where you’ll be on the front-line doing much of the work yourself including working with clients, reviewing and setting up templates, verifying the data they send us, preparing daily work schedules, managing inventory and purchasing. (Don’t worry though, you’ll be well supported by a great team of data and production experts to get you started.) Your ability to think quickly and clearly will keep things flowing and prevent unnecessary mistakes.

When you’re not in the trenches getting orders done, you’ll have time to plan, organize, and improve our processes to help us prepare for more growth down the road.

Some of the most satisfying parts of this role are the sense of accomplishment you’ll get every day, knowing that you made lots happen, and the variety of tasks you’ll be doing from computer work, to talking to customers, to rolling up your sleeves and helping get orders out the door.


What we’ll provide for you:

We want to inspire you; and we want you to inspire us. It’s really that simple. Everything else inside the company and about this role will probably change as the company grows.

To get us started, we’re prepared to offer you a good salary, a good benefit package, and a great working environment. We need good talent and we’re prepared to pay for it. But we know you can get that from a lot of companies.

What we can offer you that’s rare is the chance to join a dynamic winning team, to work directly with the company founder and senior staff, to learn a ton of cool stuff, and to really make a difference in the company, for our clients, and your career. We’re not locked into old, lethargic ways of doing things. Instead, we want you to bring us the best approaches, the best technology, and the best thinking to build something new and fresh that we can all be proud of. We spend too much time working to just earn a salary. As part of the Cleanlist team, we want this role to turn into an adventure that you’ll look back on as one of the most rewarding experiences of your career.


More details about the role:

 Here are some of the current objectives for the manager of document solutions role:


  1. Be responsible for the daily production of thousands of personalized and highly sensitive documents that are produced error-free and on-time.
  2. Work directly with our clients and sales staff, provide excellent service by helping them manage their workflow, make changes, and deliver fast and accurate answers to their inquiries.
  3. Organize and schedule everything to do with document production including inventory management, equipment maintenance, and staffing.
  4. Create, proof-read, and set-up new document templates and new data processing rules.
  5. Be instrumental in innovating and improving our processes to create more capacity, better quality, and faster turnaround.


To be successful, you’ll require these skills and experiences:


  1. Strong organizational, analytical, problem-solving, communication and time management skills.
  2. Very strong technical / computer skills, able to learn and use new software applications and produce efficient high-quality work.
  3. Obsessed with details and ability to identify problems and inconsistencies before errors occur.
  4. Experience with document composition, printing, mailing, and machinery in general is helpful but not required.
  5. An ability to take-charge, learn on the go, roll up your sleeves, and provide the leadership and initiative to make good on high-volume and fast turnaround promises.


To thrive in our company culture, here are some other attributes we value:

  • You want to make a difference. You want to be challenged. You want to be free to innovate, exercise your talent, and learn.
  • You like to work in a small but fast-growing environment, where your contribution matters and you can grow and be rewarded as the company succeeds.
  • You love working with the latest software and technology, thrive on change, and are excited about the future.
  • You love to learn, grow, solve difficult problems, and help the company succeed.


Next Steps:

 If Cleanlist and this role sounds like it’s your calling, we want to hear from you soon! Although resumes are great, we really like to hear from applicants willing to invest a little time and tell us in your cover letter why this role interests you and why you’re the best candidate to fill it. It’s also helpful to share your salary expectations and availability to start.




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